The Science of Essential Oils

Every oil is composed of three types of molecules, phenols or phenylpropanoids, monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes. When you receive a variety of oils by inhalation, orally, or through the skin that include these three classes of compounds, what happens is thought to be as follows:

P – first, the phenols clean the receptor sites
S – second, sesquiterpenes delete bad information from cellular memory
M – lastly, monoterpenes restore or awake in the correct information in the cells memory (DNA)

The PMS paradigm is a useful working hypothesis that provides practical guidance for mixing and applying oils in an effective, therapeutic way. Let's express in another way: (1) when cellular intercommunication is restored in the body by clean, well functioning receptor sites, (2) when garbled or mis-written information in the cellular job description has been erased, and (3) when God's image of perfection, that was always there in the field of the cell from our creation, has been revived and reinstalled, and whatever our disease or our condition had been, the conditions for its presence exist no more. Our disease or condition was the consequence of miscommunications between cells and erroneous information within the cells that cause them to malfunction. When these basic errors have been corrected, as is possible with PMS, the problem disappears. It can take time; like days, weeks, or months, but it can also be instantaneous.

Regardless of how long it takes, once the exterior cellular miscommunication and interior cellular misinformation has been fixed, you are healed. Furthermore, it can be a permanent healing because the root conditions in the cellular memory have been corrected.

This is unlike pharmaceuticals that cover-up symptoms, making you think you're getting well or getting better, when, in fact you are still sick and will need to continue taking drugs to the death. Once you are healed by the help of essential all, you don't need the oils anymore. No lifelong dependencies develop, as they do, deliberately and by design, with drugs.

If maintained by appropriate attitudes and lifestyle changes, healing is assured and is only a matter of time – sometimes hours, sometimes days or weeks, and sometimes minutes or seconds. After a true healing, the disease or condition won't return unless we continue to engage in the lifestyle, thought patterns, emotional state, bad habits, toxic environments, or other activities that brought that disease or condition upon us in the first place.